The Fastest, Easiest Way To Fix Your Worn and Faded Buttons

U.S. Patent Number: 9,249,341




Honestly, I VERY rarely ever say “Wow that works pretty good”, but in this case that’s exactly what I said.

I said “Wow” because your product is an EXACT fit to the button, I’m picky as heck, and your cut-outs are within a few 1000’s of an inch, for all intents and purposes they are the exact same shape and size as the original buttons, and the graphics are nice and clear.

I would make sure and note on your site that the white areas of your buttons allow light thru…that was my #1 concern ordering these, and now seeing them, I now know the light comes thru. 🙂

Unless your 4″ from the buttons, you cannot tell they are adhesive decals, they look and feel like the other buttons.

Thanks again – David

I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing product that you have. I purchased the Auto,Defrost, etc. buttons from you for my 13′ GMC due to one of the buttons fading. I found a vendor on Ebay who sold something similar for roughly $8 and figured that was a great buy.
Once they arrived, I found out they did not allow any of the back-light to go through and just merely made it look good during the daylight hours. I was not entirely happy with that purchase.
I came across your product and I am happy to say I am extremely pleased with the quality of yours and certainly well worth the money. I pride myself on keeping my vehicle well maintained and looking great.  
Thanks again! – Jason, Billings, Montana